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Article, Sept 2000

O'Reilly Open Source Convention -- Speaker

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WIRM is a Perl-based application server that provides a high-level programming environment for developing web information systems.

This project is funded by an SBIR grant from the National Institute of Mental Health.

WIRM consists of an object-relational database and a suite of Perl interfaces for visualizing, integrating and analyzing heterogeneous multimedia data. WIRM provides facilities for creating context-sensitive views over a multimedia database, allowing developers to rapidly build dynamic web sites that adapt their content and presentation to multiple classes of end-users.

Wirm is in currently in beta mode.

See Wirm in Action!

MyPACS: A medical image management system for radiologists.

Brain Mapper: An experiment management system for neuroscience research laboratories.

Ontolog: A navigation interface for hierarchical structured vocabularies.

Digital Anatomist Repository: An image archiving system for medical schools.

Fathom: tools for facilitating natural language processing of clinical reports.

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