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WIRM Credits

WIRM was initially designed and implemented by computer scientist Rex Jakobovits as part of his PhD dissertation at the University of Washington Computer Science department, under the guidance of Dr. James F. Brinkley of the Department of Biological Structure.  The system was generalized from work funded by NIH SBIR grant R43-MH61277-01 and Human Brain Project grant DC/LM02310. 
The Vivalog Network:
Vivalog: Biomedical Knowlege Management
MyPACS Teaching File Authoring System
Workhost Data Solutions: Web Development
The Digital Anatomist
BioContent.org: Biomedical Content Management
Bioscribe: Biomedical Authoring Solutions
Experience-based Educational Tools
FreeRad.net: Open Source Radiology Resources
Neuroportal: Gateway to the Human Brain
RadBay: Radiology Reporting Tools
Structured Reporting
TFML: Teaching File Modeling Language
Wirm.org: The Web-Interfacing Repository Manager
Rex Jakobovits