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API Documentation

The buttons below point to the perl online documentation (POD) module for each of the WIRM API's. Each module includes a detailed explanation of every method in the API, plus a synopsis showing example code.  See the External Components Index for documentation on CGI.pm and other packages.

User-Level API's

Gateway Interface gateway.pl

Functions for rendering web views from repository objects.

Repository Object Interface repo.pl

Methods for creating and maintaining persistent repository objects.

  HTML Generator html.pl

Shortcuts for programmatically generating HTML from CGI scripts.

Internal API's

Configuration Manager wrm.pl

Connects to repository configuration DBM.

Table Manipulator db.pl

Table-level interface to relational database.

  FSA Controller fci.pl

Methods for accessing the File Storage Area.

Visualizer viz.pl Server-cache web visalization interface.

API Layered Architecture Diagram

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